Meet Outburst, the Googly Eyed Rock - AHYO
Here to brighten your day in little ways.

AH-YO! Industries LLC was founded in 2012 and is based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. It grew from a seed that was planted by friends working together in a creative space within a corporate structure. Our mission is to brighten your day in little ways...and to make you say, "AH-YO!"


Explore our collections of unique office supplies, clever accessories, and little gifts to make you smile and help get you through the everyday grind. They offer a spark of life, lots of self-expression, and become a friend that likes to have a good time.


Our founder is of Taiwanese-American decent and grew up in a home where Mandarin was spoken. "Ah-yo!" is an all-purpose Chinese expression roughly equivalent to "Oy vey!" or “Oh my!” and was something often uttered. Used with different intonations, it helps express exactly what you feel and is the perfect way to respond to all the little surprises in life.

Hi, I'm Outburst!

AH-YO! is in the industry of harvesting the crazy.


Come on an adventure into the world of AH-YO! and discover little ways to brighten the unexpected all around us. Through our search, we found that the best ideas come from all the crazy around us. We love harvesting these finds and creating them into products we're excited to share with everyone. 


It's easy to add some fun to the mundane by bringing a little life and humor into any situation.​​ Sometimes, all you need to do is make a little change to the things that are already in front of you. We offer easy ways to quickly brighten your desk and life. By adding subtle, playful touches to our daily routines, it gives us something to smile about even when things get tough. 


We believe in celebrating the qualities that make us all unique and interesting. It often only takes a simple something to keep you going: a funny expression, an unexpected surprise, a secret shared with a smile. We design our products with this in mind because we all know a little laugh can make a big difference. 



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