Life is so hard! Whomp Whomp....
That Guy! Hooloo Hooloo Vinyl Decals

Your balloon-head friend is here to help you get through the day.

Whomp whomp...


Life is hard and some days we just need a little help. Discover That Guy, your balloon-head friend, who is here to make things better during those awkward moments and let you know everything will be okay.


On your desk or in your bag, That Guy items offer lots of self-expression during those frustrating times. With functional elements, it's like always having a friend by your side to help you out.


That Guy doesn't hold back. In fact, he never does. He's a friend, your alter ego, the side of us that says exactly what we feel, regardless of the consequences. Imagine being a troublemaker, without the trouble!


Whether he's got his shit-eating grin or his iconic scowl, That Guy is always ready for anything. A traveling companion for your life, he's always ready to have a good time.


Just look at him, smile, and know That Guy gets you!

AHYO let's face it!